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At SwitchMy.com, our whole reason for being is to make the life of our customers easier. We want our customers to save money on gas, electricity, merchant payment services and telecoms by making switching so easy that it’s a “no brainer”.

These are the core values of our business:

1.We do our best and the rest will follow

2.We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers

3.We are positive, a smile can be heard

4.We listen more than we speak

5.We respect people and help wherever we can

The TPI* Code of Practice

We voluntarily follow an independent industry Code of Practice that sets out best practice for Third Party Intermediaries such as SwitchMy.com.

You can find a copy of this TPI Code of Practice here http://www.tpicodeofpractice.co.uk/the-code-of-practice/

If you are not satisfied with our service you can send your complaint directly to our CEO Anthony Mayall at anthony@switchmy.com.

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