27th January 2017

Smart Movers

Following on from my previous post when I predicted how I envisage 2017 unfolding for the UK’s small businesses, it’s time I further put my neck on the line by forecasting the smart moves I believe SMEs need to make this year to stay ahead of their competitors.

From a B2B perspective, smart companies are looking for partners who can add and measure return on investment. Smart suppliers will put their money where their mouth is and offer performance based services a.k.a. share the gain and share the pain. From a B2C point of view, the market will remain polarised; low cost providers on one side and high value, high service on the other. Companies falling in the middle face much uncertainty.


Going Up

Going Down

Professional Services

Fixed-price services, performance fees and online libraries of support material by subscription

Day-rate, charge as much as you like professional services


Fragmented shopping – a mix of low-cost providers, high-value favourites and high-frequency low value online deliveries

Out-of-town mega stores and estates


Pay as you go services and combined voice and data

Landlines and fixed line rental


Impromptu treatments and product subscriptions

Salon loyalty


Contactless, via mobile payments and higher payment limits for biometric verification

Physical card payment


Government backed loans, growth accelerators and “red tape”

Tax evasion

Smart Thinking + Smart Moves = Smart Business.

Just keep this at the forefront of your mind and make it the focus of all your energies to ensure you’re always making the smartest business decisions.

Rachel Hurley

Rachel is one of the SwitchMy content contributors. It's Rachel's job to hunt out the best news and content to arm our customers with everything they need to know about business energy and the pros of switching.

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