31st May 2016

Are You One of thousands of UK Businesses wasting billions on Energy Each Year?

UK businesses are wasting billions of pounds on their electricity and gas bills every year, and it’s completely avoidable. We believe there is a number of misconceptions that are leading to businesses sticking with overpriced tariffs which are costing them big time.

Unlike household energy, you can’t shop around for cheaper business energy, right? Wrong. Business energy is no different to household energy. The same switching mindset should be applied in order to get the best deals. Just like you would compare credit cards, car insurance, or flight prices, it’s time to shop around for your business energy.

So many businesses, large and small, are literally wasting billions of pounds each year by not switching energy supplier. Many business owners, commercial landlords, procurement and office managers are not even aware that they have the option to switch utility suppliers to get a better deal.

Switching business energy supplier is complicated? Wrong. Adding to the misconception that they can’t shop around, some business owners are scared to switch providers for business gas and electricity because they think the process will be complicated and time consuming. Just like household suppliers, switching business energy has never been easier. It often just takes a phone call, submission of a recent bill and you’re on the way to cheaper energy.

And with so many great deals on the market thanks to recent changes in ruling surrounding the Big Six, as imposed by the government, there’s never been a better time to switch. You could literally shave hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds off your annual business utility bill.

So, now that we’ve dispelled a couple of the business energy switching myths, are you ready to start saving your business money? Get in touch with one of the SwitchMy Switchologists™ today.

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Jess is part of the SwitchMy content team. She's worked with some of the energy sector's best known brands and helps us demystify business energy for SwitchMy users.

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