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Why use SwitchMy?

At SwitchMy.com we believe in good old fashioned straight talking: no meerkats, no robots and no opera singers. Here are 5 reasons to choose our dedicated team of Switchologists™:

  1. Like others, we get paid commission directly from the business gas supplier that you choose. Unlike others, we get paid the same no matter who you choose. This means that we are unbiased so that the best deal for you wins.
  2. We provide you with an online view of over 20 business gas suppliers in minutes. This saves you the time and a serious amount of effort required to call around suppliers.
  3. The rates that you see on our quotes are what you pay. If you want budget certainty then you can fix for up to 5 years.
  4. Most businesses opt for 1 year contracts and before you know it's time to renew again. We will remind you before your contract end date and proactively offer the best deals available.
  5. There is absolutely no obligation to switch suppliers. We do the work and if the savings offered don't float your boat, you can stick with your current supplier.

How to switch gas supplier

Here are some tips on switching your gas supplier:

Get your last gas bill out, Make a note of the following information:

  • Your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number)
  • Check your contract end date
  • Check how much energy that you consume per period in kWh
  • Check how much your gas tariff is per kWh
  • Check how much your standing charge is per day

Next, call your 5 favourite gas suppliers, ask to speak to customer services, or press 0 to speak to a human being. On each call, run through the information that you have captured from your bill and ask for the most competitive deal.

Now that you have 5 verbal quotes, call back the gas supplier with the best deal and ask for new contracts department, or press #911. They will then run through a 10 minute verbal contract that will be recorded for training purposes and for the record.

Now you are good to go, you just need to cancel (serve notice) on your current supplier and the switch will take place after your renewal date. OR You could just send your last gas bill to us and we will do all the work for you!


What happens after I switch?

Once you have switched, it's time to sit back, relax and start planning what to spend your savings on. We'll do all the paperwork for you.
You can expect to receive your new contract within 30 days, although it could be slightly earlier or later depending on who your current supplier is. 
And the relationship doesn't stop there. Once you're part of the SwitchMy family, we'll keep you up to date with everything you need to know about your new supplier. 
We'll even send you a nice little reminder when your contract is up for renewal and it's time to start switching and saving again. 
If you haven't tapped into the many benefits of switching across your business, head over to our advice section to find out more. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some helpful frequently asked questions

How does the SwitchMy service work?

We'll tell you what the best deals out there are. Our team of Switchologists™ compare the market and switch everything over for you. We can't make it any simpler really!

How do I save money with SwitchMy?

Just like at home, you never get the best price from renewing with your current supplier. Switching regularly means that you always get the best deal.

How does SwitchMy calculate its savings estimates?

Around the site you'll see that we use examples of the savings you could make when you switch with us. These figures are a good indication of how much money you could save – but because we're all different you might find that your savings are less or maybe even more than the examples.

Just some of our happy switchers

"Switching business energy was very easy - it only took two emails to save over £300. They quickly scanned more than 30 deals and sent us the results sorted by savings. I especially like the fact that SwitchMy doesn’t hound you with calls. I’d definitely recommend them.”

Claire Roberts, Finance Manager, The Market Creative, Gas

“We sent SwitchMy.com our electricity and gas bills and they came back the same day with deals from lots of suppliers. We chose the best deal, signed-up electronically, and saved over £2,300. It really was easy.”

Kelly Wightman. Office Manager, UPG plc, Gas

"SwitchMy.com made comparing electricity prices really easy. We simply sent them our bill and they did everything else. It gives real peace of mind that they show you how lots of supplier prices compare."

Elizabeth Falshaw, Falshaw Farm, Electricity

I have found your service to be very efficient, friendly and effective saving my business over £700 pounds per annum in electricity bills. Thank you!

Michael Pearson, Park Avenue Dental Practice, Electricity

All signed – how easy! I need to start preaching the good word. Thanks guys – top job. Over £5,000 savings!!

Martyn Wilkinson, IvyLink Limited, Electricity

Thanks for saving us £10,000 (short but sweet!)

James, Zuto, Electricity

How much can switching business gas save you?

In under 10 minutes, we will get you prices from over 20 gas suppliers so that you can choose the best deal. We have supply contracts ranging from 1 to 5 years.

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