7th June 2016

Get the Right Partner for Switching your Business Energy

Why bother switching?

First let’s quickly cover why you should even bother switching.

“According to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), SME’s could be saving over £500M per year collectively.”

That is an average of around £2,500 per small and medium business!

Here are some tips on selecting a switching company.

  1. Go to an “energy intermediary” who is supplier independent and has access to over 20 business energy suppliers. Some switching companies will favour the suppliers who provide higher sales commission and may disregard those who they don’t have a ‘deal’ with. It’s important to understand that all “energy brokers” make their living from supplier commission – just make sure that all suppliers are equal. The BBC recently reported on such practices here BBC Energy News.
  2. Choose a switching partner who will not drive you crazy with phone calls. There is nothing worse than making a casual enquiry and then being hounded to near breakdown. Tell them how and when you like to be communicated with and make sure they stick to the rules that suit your busy work life. You could ask how many outbound telesales staff they have, trust me, some have literally 1000’s.
  3. Go for a partner who you can build a long term relationship with, for example, can they help you with other utilities such as telecoms?

Both at home and in business it makes sense to periodically switch suppliers – because utilities are heavily regulated your new supplier is bound to deliver without interruption to your business. Happy switching!

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Jess is part of the SwitchMy content team. She's worked with some of the energy sector's best known brands and helps us demystify business energy for SwitchMy users.

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