4th November 2016

Energy Efficiency in your Business

Energy Efficiency is a Great Opportunity

On the premise that a penny saved is worth ten in the bank, saving energy is the best way to save money on your bills. If you haven’t done much on the energy efficiency front, then it’s highly likely that you can reduce your costs by over 20%.



Where to Start?

Always start with the simple things – that usually means switching things off. When you are out of your building make sure that all lights, computers and heating are off. To be sure, use low-cost automation:

  • Replace light switches for those with motion sensors
  • Install shut-down software on your PC’s
  • Put appliances on socket timers 
  • Only heat the building shortly before occupation and switch-off before closing times (via timer)

Here are some gadgets to help you:

  • Light switch with motion sensor here
  • Free PC shutdown software here
  • Programmable remote control power socket adapters here


Step 2 – Get your staff on-board

Savings energy both reduces cost and also benefits the environment by reducing your carbon emissions. You can achieve savings at virtually no cost by appointing one of your most engaged staff as an energy efficiency champion. Then educate your staff and award prizes for action and results. There’s lots of Government funded advice available for SMEs, here are our top 3 resources:

  1. DECC’s SME Guide for Energy Efficiency here or here
  2. Carbon Trust Smart SME Programme here
  3. The Guardian Sustainable Business here


Step 3 – Invest?

If you are in position to invest a little money then do it! There are lots of things that you can do that will have an ROI of less than three years. LED lighting is the top of my list – it’s pretty simple to retrofit and the payback is often less than two years (sometimes less than one). Control is number two on my list – make sure that you are controlling and maintaining the heating and cooling systems. From a maintenance perspective, blocked aircon filters are a regular offender for poor performance, not to mention hygiene. For retailers, glass doors on fridges and freezers are a must saving approximately 33% and improving the shopping environment. Check out these Perspex doors.


Help with funding

There is help at hand including The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund. The Carbon Trust will contribute 30% of the project costs up to £10,000. They are also running a series of workshops for you here. Be quick to take action now whilst the funding is available – this is brand new – the early worm and all that!

Here is a case study from The Carbon Trust that shows Blackout Limited saving £9,000 per year.


Which suppliers to choose?

There is a whole host of product and services out there. The best reference list we can find in one place is via The Carbon trust (we love them) here.

If you need any help with energy efficiency in your business, drop me a line at anthony@switchmy.com.

Anthony Mayall

Anthony has been in industry for 26 years and in the energy market for over 10 years. He loves to help customers to reduce their costs by getting them a better deal elsewhere.

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