18th October 2016

Bills Explained


At SwitchMy, we’re used to reading complicated energy bills, it’s our job. But we know that energy bills can be confusing, and each supplier has their own unique way of presenting bills to customers.

It can be hard to find out what you’re paying, let alone find and understand information about your actual usage. That’s why we’ve put together our energy bills explained guide.

Just select which supplier you’re looking to switch,  business gas or electricity, and select your supplier from the example bills we’ve explained. Don’t worry if your current supplier isn’t listed, just find a bill that looks the most like yours.

Each bill clearly illustrates what you need to look out for in order to switch suppliers and start saving.

Electricity Bills

Gas Bills

Now you know how to read your business gas and electricity bills, get in touch to start to simple switching process – you’re just three steps away from saving thousands of pounds.*

*On average, we SwitcMy customers £3,150 on their business gas and electricity.

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